4 Reasons to Visit Nice

Driving out of Nice. France or Hollywood Blvd?

Hello Hollywood Boulevard!   Nice is strikingly similar to LA at first glance.  Palm tree lined roads, a sparkling beach, fancy cars and celebrities vacationing everywhere.  Look more closely and Nice outshines LA by a long shot.  Every moment I was there I found myself getting increasingly tempted to forgo love (it’s so complicated anyway) and marry a Sugar Daddy.   I’d still be there if I had the cash to afford this good life.  So while I work on getting myself a home on the hills, you should be planning your vacation to this heavenly destination.  Pourquoi?

1. The water is sparkling and the women are topless!

Yes, the beaches have rocks instead of sand but that should just inspire you to spend less time laying out (unless you get fancy with beach chairs) and more time jumping off cliffs and partaking in water activities (jet skiier, water boarding, parasailing, etc were out of my budget but damn did they look fun!).

Even my Aussie friends were loving this sunshine and crystal clear water.

2.  Nightlife is happening.

I drove into Nice at 1am on a Friday night and the streets were flooded with people in their dancing clothes.  I felt right at home and bolted to Old Town on Saturday night for some dancing.  First we tried a bar called Waynes but it was packed with young, wasted 20-somethings so I found a Frenchman on the street and asked him where I could find some hot French men on a Saturday night.  He took me a couple steps away to this fantastic place called “Le Bulldog Pub Pompei” with live music, dancing. 20 types of beers and a local crowd.  Yes, please.

During the day this spot looks so adorable tucked away in the narrow streets of Old Town Nice. At nights, it's all live music and dancing galore.

3.  Hang at the famed Villa St. Exupery hostel

I’m couch surfing through France but I took a break this weekend to try out this hostel because I heard it was a great place to meet travelers and plan adventures.  Within two minutes of arriving I was off to the beach with two Australian girls.  Lots of travelers were flying solo here.  There is delicious cheap food, 1 euro beers (including Belgians!), and a long list of cheap activities like scuba diving (42 euro), Caynoning (50 euro), sailing trips ($40 euro) and more.  The hostel was built in an old monastery and the stain glass windows and high ceilings are cool to view and during the day the common area is a peaceful spot to relax and read (they have a library exchange!) if you’re exhausted from traveling.

Warning: The only problem with this hostel is that it’s located outside the city center.  You have to take a tram and then a shuttle to the hostel.  From the city center it’s only about 15 minutes, which is fine during the day.  But trams don’t run from 2am to 5:30am.  We were out until 3am and didn’t want to take a 25 euro cab home so a couple of us slept on benches at the tram station until they started running again.  Did I feel a bit homeless and crabby when I woke up on a bench at 5:30?  Yes.

11pm on a Saturday night at St. Exupery. Beer pong and drinking games were rampant and I know everyone walked away with new best friends. Aww

4. Day trips are endless

Monaco, Cannes, Eze Village, Rocque Brun, Antibes, etc. etc. etc.  In under an hour you can be at any number of dream locations around the Cote d’Azur.  You could easily spend a week exploring them all.

I opted to take a trip up to Monaco.  The little tax haven of a country is flooded with Rolls Royces, Lambos and Benzes.  Like gambling?  Hit up the Casino de Monte Carlo.  They don’t let bank accounts like mine enter but I got this lovely picture as my memento…

Can you smell the money??


About sistersbailey

We are Perrin and Sarah Bailey, collectively known as “The Sisters Bailey”. The moniker was born out of a crazy weekend at the 2009 New Orleans Jazz Fest and it was the first time we had ever been referred to as one unit. We grew up in Alexandria, VA together and then separated for college - Perrin to The University of Pennsylvania and Sarah to Northwestern University – and somehow landed together in New York after graduation. It was in the midst of the hustle of Manhattan that we became friends for the first time in years. Somehow we landed jobs in the same industry - Sarah worked in marketing at HBO and Perrin managed creative digital promotions for her media agency’s main client, Disney - just three blocks from one another. One day we decided to leave our jobs, sell our belongings and travel abroad with a backpack and a collective savings of $10K. The stories of our continuing adventures and those of other fearless travelers are here to inspire you.
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