About Perrin

Atop the Dubrovnik walls

Hello! I am Perrin Bailey, a traveler now celebrating one year on the road.

While I’m immensely organized (bonus traveler points!) I’m also extremely clumsy (points voided). When thinking of me, think Monica Geller meets the Pinky from Pinky and the Brain.

I grew up in Virginia with my older sister Sarah. Following a nerdy suburban youth I moved to Philly to study English. Then I rumbled through my first three post-college years in NYC paying the bills by planning media campaigns – at first for a no-name publishing company that went bankrupt (the slow, painful Chapter 11 to Chapter 7 way) and then for Disney.

Regardless of progress on the job front and 5-night-a-week event schedule, I began to feel stifled in the smoggy day-to-day of the City. When you wake up and realize that the friendliest face in your neighborhood is that of a mustached bag lady who hollers at you every morning, “Hey handsome, wanna buy me a hot dog?” you realize that you need to leave, if only on sabbatical.

I knew nothing about living anywhere but America’s eastern flank. So I plotted to travel worldwide in search of an optimal Perrin niche. A Perrin niche would be a place that provides for sugar addicts but doesn’t venerate McDonalds; a place where I could boat daily, own 3 dogs, go waltzing at night and dress only in cashmere and high thread-count cotton. I wasn’t sure such a place is out there, but I didn’t much care. I had late-stage Ferris Bueller syndrome.

I was probably a fairly typical 24 year-old. Some key symptoms: chronic restlessness; dissatisfaction with a good job; preoccupation with doing something meaningful. Certainly when my dad asked what I was going to do when I “returned to the workforce,” it seemed a bugger of a question. Luckily, the perspective that travel provides has helped more than I could ever have hoped and I have – believe it or not – developed a set of career and life goals that I am truly passionate about.

This is the story of how Sarah and I have traveled together – nearly slaying each other at times – but also growing in fundamental ways.

We hope to inspire readers who are undertaking, or looking to undertake, a similar mission.

Joining the local art scene in Prague

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