About Sarah

Before I left New York my friends frequently described me as the most typical American they have ever met, a direct result of my overuse of the word “love “ and total abuse of superlatives (not every weekend can really be the BEST one I’ve ever had).

I really do have a naturally happy disposition and try to enjoy life to the fullest but, last April, I started to think maybe it was time to de-Americanize myself.  I spent my college summers and semesters in fast-paced professional internships rather than in the Duomo or Prado and was regretting these missed experiences abroad.

And so I began to think of a journey overseas.  I knew I wanted to live in one place long enough to get to know the people and the culture of a city, rather than to pop through hostels.   I worked for an AIDS organization in India for four months after I graduated from Northwestern and I would have found the country dirty, smelly and distressingly hectic if I had only stayed for a few days.  It took time to develop a real appreciation for the craziness of the streets there.

Taking an extended leave was not easy though. I was working in the marketing department at HBO and I loved my job and my coworkers.  I was scared to quit and anxious to think about leaving such an incredible company.

I originally applied to business school, thinking it would be a safe way to secure a semester abroad and a job upon my return. But when I got in, the thought of attending finance classes and honing my resume for the next two years left me feeling deflated.  The skills I really needed for my profession were in new media.

When I heard about an opportunity to live and work in Italy for a travel website for six weeks, I decided to take it. Quitting HBO was incredibly hard, especially when I do want a long term career in media. But I needed to go. Instead of turning in a two thousand dollar deposit for B school, I decided to take that money and go.

I want to go back to the states and get married and have a serious career soon. But this adventure had to happen now, before mortgages, marriage and children. I have had an incredible journey and my experiences have certainly changed my life for the better.

3 Responses to About Sarah

  1. Navin says:

    So jealous! Amazing plans.

  2. Janice says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!! Enjoying your blog.

  3. Emily says:

    Hi Sarah and Perrin!

    Eliza sent me your “link” yesterday and I ‘ve been catching up on your adventures. Sarah, I love your “to do” list. You’ll have to tell us about the job in ALicante and the over 50’s trips. We’re guessing there will be no Thanksgiving in the “burgh for you two this year. Happy 27th Sarah! love to you both!


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