Sarah’s Trip

Below is a rundown of what I have done on the road.   I left home with a little over $3,000 to my name and wanted to see as much of the world as possible.  I therefore had to come up with some creative means of sustaining my journey.

1. Italy (June 5-July 20): I taught English camps every week for an organization called ACLE.  Made 225 euro a week and had 100% of transporation and accomodation covered.

2. France (July 20-Aug 5): I made it through France  Couch surfing. I stayed with hosts from the acclaimed website every night in Bordeaux, Toulouse, Pau and Lyon.   Saving 25 euro on hostels for 14 nights ultimately saved me more 400 euro just on sleeping costs, not to mention food.  Plus, couch surfing changed the way I traveled. I saw France through the eyes of locals and had a blast with my hosts.  Read more here.

3.  Europe (Aug 5 – 25): Perrin and I milked every friend abroad and racked up hosts in a variety of locations : Geneva, Kreuzlingen and Berlin.  We loved staying in homes and not at hostels.  Plus you get a guaranteed good tour guide!  We did have some cities on our list where we could find hosts, though.  We also made it to PragueAmsterdam,Brussels and Bruges.

4.  Spain (Aug 25 – present): I wanted to spend the most time in my trip in Spain, a country I heard would be a perfect fit for me.  I had quite a few parts to my stay here:

Horse Farm:Wwoofed, an organization that connects travelers with hosts on organic farms.  You don’t get paid but, in exchange for your work on the farm, you get free food and accomodation.   Working on these farms really changed my life (6 Things I Learned from Wwoofing).  First, I worked on a horse farm in Tobarra, Spain.  I learned to ride and exercise horses, pick almonds and milk a goat!

Action Adventure Camp: After I had learned to ride horses, I worked at an action adventure camp in the Costa Blanca mountains.  I helped run a bead and breakfast (including cooking large Spanish dinners every night!) and led guests from all over Europe on rock climbing expeditions.  I learned to climb and I biked, hiked and did yoga every day!

Traveled with friends: Traveled through Spain with Julie Hauser and Andy Friedland, two friends from home.  We saw Barcelona, Seville and Granada.  Every city is so different and has its own unique vibe and culture.  I fell further in love with the country.

Working/Living in Madrid: In an incredible stroke of good fortune, I have very close family friends who have a spare apartment in the middle of the city.  I lived there and taught English.

5.  Morrocco: It is possible to live well in Marrakesh on $15 a day.  If you want to add gift buying to your trip, give yourself an extra $10 a day and you’ll be all set!  Even the two day/overnight camel ride was just $60!

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  1. furnisxc says:

    I wish everyone the best. Love the community, and all the info. Thanks 🙂

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