About Us

In high school, Perrin focused on running the school newspaper and Sarah, the best parties. We were polar opposites. But when we graduated from college, we wound up on the same island, working on opposite sides of Bryant Park. Sarah did marketing for HBO and Perrin created media plans for clients like Disney. Our social circles slowly mixed and—all of a sudden—we were best friends and became known collectively as, “The SistersBailey”.

After three years in the City, we were burnt out on smog and men absorbed with stock trades and racket ball. Perrin started planning an extended journey abroad. Over the course of a year, she saved money and talked to everyone she knew about the best places to travel. Sarah had been planning on leaving the city for business school but decided against it at the last minute and booked a ticket to Italy to teach English.

The two of us spent seven weeks teaching English to passionate Italian children. This experience, and our subsequent travels, are chronicled in this blog. We have both changed immensely and are happier than we were when we left the city. And, after fighting quite a bit in the early part of our journey, we have gotten closer than ever.

If you are feeling stuck yourself, just remember Einstein’s words: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Spice up your life and enjoy the ride.


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