Favorite Books

We don´t just read the travel stuff (though we do enjoy those too).  Some of our favorite books of the moment:

Recommended by: Sarah

Hosseini makes you feel connected to the people in Afghanistan in a way that is lost in the countless cover stories in US newspapers.  The stories are heartbreaking, but also inspiring.  And there is a thread of hope throughout.  Any woman should read this book and feel lucky.  It is my favorite.

Ephron´s synical humor and insights on womanhood had me laughing outloud the whole book.  Every female will find a chapter she relates to. For me, it was the chapter on why she hates purses.

This is my life:
¨When I went out at night, I frequently managed with only a lipstick, a twenty-dollar bill, and a credit card tucked into my pocket. That´s about all you can squeeze into an evening bag anyway, and it saved me a huge amount of money because I didn´t have to buy an evening bag. Evening bags, for reasons that are obscure unless you´re a Marxist, cost even more than regular bags. But, unfortunately, there were times when I needed to leave the house with more than the basics. I solved this problem by purchasing an overcoat with large pockets. This, I realize, turns my coat into a purse, but it was still better than carrying a purse. Anything is better than carrying a purse.

Because here´s what happens with a purse. You start small.  You start pledging yourself to neatness. You start with the things you absolutely need — your wallet and a few cosmetics that you have actually put into a brand new shiny cosmetics bag, the kind used by your friends who are competent enough to manage more than one purse at a time. But within seconds, your purse has accumulated the debris of a lifetime. The cosmetics have somehow fallen out of hte shiney cosmetics bag, the coins have fallen from the wallet, the credit cards are somewhere in the abyss. What´s more, a huge amount of space in your purse is being taken up by a technological marvel that holds your address book and calendar — or would, but the batteries in it have died. And there´s a half a bottle of water, along with seveeral snacks you saved from and airplane trip just in case you ever found yourself staving and unaccountably craving a piece of cheese that tastes like plastic. Perhaps you can fit your sneakers into your purse. Yes, by God, you can! Before you know it, your purse weighs twenty pounds and you are in grave danger of getting bursitis and needing an operation just from carrying it around. Everything you own is in your purse. You could flee the Cossacks with your purse.¨

Jeanette Walls is now a wealthy, popular writer in New York City.  But she grew up homeless and her family jumped around from place to place all the time.  This humorous memoir will make you laugh and inspire you — if she can become a famous magazine writer and best-selling author, shouldn´t I be able to??

Before Frank McCourt was a reknowned teacher in New York City, he was a desperately poor boy growing up in Ireland with an alcoholic father and a misguided mother.  This book made me laugh and cry.  Every time I think I am hungry, I think about Frank and realize how blessed I am.

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