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We are Perrin and Sarah Bailey, collectively known as “The Sisters Bailey”. The moniker was born out of a crazy weekend at the 2009 New Orleans Jazz Fest and it was the first time we had ever been referred to as one unit. We grew up in Alexandria, VA together and then separated for college - Perrin to The University of Pennsylvania and Sarah to Northwestern University – and somehow landed together in New York after graduation. It was in the midst of the hustle of Manhattan that we became friends for the first time in years. Somehow we landed jobs in the same industry - Sarah worked in marketing at HBO and Perrin managed creative digital promotions for her media agency’s main client, Disney - just three blocks from one another. One day we decided to leave our jobs, sell our belongings and travel abroad with a backpack and a collective savings of $10K. The stories of our continuing adventures and those of other fearless travelers are here to inspire you.

GUEST POST | How Australia Proved I’m No Indiana Jones

By Julius Wright It’s not often that my wife and I manage to go on a vacation that does not center on our two children. I’ve spent the last five summers taking trips to Disney World, Six Flags, and various other “family … Continue reading

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The American Dream Is a Reality in Belize

By Perrin Colleen Spring hears a noise in the bushes and asks her husband Alan to add a log to the fire. Extra light never hurts when you’re warding off jaguars. Muscled four-legged ambassadors formed part of the welcoming committee … Continue reading

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GUEST POST | The Job That Ruined Your Travel Plans

Local adventure to feed your travel bug. By Savannah Marie What happens to your travel itinerary when “real life” calls you back to a routine of steady employment and regular paychecks? That’s the question I have been trying to answer … Continue reading

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Firetruck Stands By As Ramon’s Resort Burns

By Perrin San Pedro, Belize | Wednesday night, foot and boat traffic drew like moths to the flame to watch as one of the largest resorts on Ambergris Caye burned to the ground. The sole firetruck on Ambergris Caye arrived … Continue reading

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Photos of the Day: Ladies of Peru


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Inca Trail Packing List: Tested and Refined

The 15-18 things you need to hike  By Perrin Each morning on the trail I cast a sidelong glance at yesterday’s SmartWool socks, which were festooned with a frieze of sweat and blood. I inched them on with the alacrity … Continue reading

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Swinging Through Trees in the Amazon (While Wearing Deet of Course)

By SarahIt does exist!  Blackberries have no service bars in the Amazon!  Considering the work-connected crew of us occasionally caught a few bars on and between islands in the Galapagos, I think the Amazon is one of the rare connectionless … Continue reading

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