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Perrin’s barking mad love for the barking community sweeps canines worldwide. Dog lovers rejoice!

Man’s best friend moonlights as his business partner

By Perrin I embarked on this trip with a few goals. One was to explore “career options and business opportunities.” As far as the latter goes, I found a cheap labor force largely untapped by the Western world: house pets. … Continue reading

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Dog of the Day: He’s funky, but his food is fresh

By Perrin Our stomachs forbid us to return to another cheap food cart. We’d recently gulped down a few shakes from the “Milk Fresh Fresh Milk” stand, which, it turns out, uses unpasteurized milk. We now know what it’s like … Continue reading

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Farm Day 5: It’s a boy…another boy…another boy…another boy…and a girl!

By Perrin God must love us, because the farm mutt, Hoogie, gave birth to five puppies while Sarah and I were in town. Another ground breaker: self-described hermits Sue and Richard allowed WWOOFers into their home for the first time. … Continue reading

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Yo Italy, Where My Dogs At?

By Perrin In Italy, everyone has at least one dog. Moreover, the streets are crawling with strays. (The Catholic aversion to birth control seems to apply to animals as well as people.) The dense puppy population certainly increased my love … Continue reading

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