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Ships of the Desert: A Camel Caravan over Waves of Saharan Sands

By Sarah I last rode a camel exactly four years ago at the annual camel fair in Pushkar, India.  There, farmers and traders convened with approximately 20,000 camels — and a vast number of a horses, cows, goats, and sheep — … Continue reading

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The Video Game of the Morroccan Streets

  by Sarah Driving in the US is so straight edge.  I spent the last week of my travels in Marrakesh, where streets are overrun with motorbikes, donkeys, fruit carts and horse drawn carriages.  They are also notably absent of … Continue reading

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It’s a Hassle-Off!

By Perrin Istanbul v. Marrakech touts in a battle of wit and shamelessness In Marrakech, taxi drivers run all tourists directly to Djemaa el Fna square. The square is alive. In the morning, it awakens to flute-tooting cobra-charmers and boisterous … Continue reading

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Back to the Future in Fez

By Perrin Let’s be honest. I was terrified about visiting Africa alone. As my plane lowered over the Fez runway, my heart tried to jackhammer itself out of my chest. I did not know what to expect but I certainly … Continue reading

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Guest Blog | What Happens in Morocco Stays in Morocco

A secretive state, a compliant population and a censored media: is there any place here for a foreign reporter? By Holly Tarn “I don’t understand why they don’t want me here” I said to my friend Khalid one night. I … Continue reading

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Ultimate Match-Up: Camels Versus Taxis

By Perrin Continued from Moroccan Road to the Big Kid Sandbox. By the time we reached the desert, a full moon lit the place like Johnny Depp’s smile a 20,000-watt nightlight.   Regrettably, the moon illuminated the camels’ faces. These … Continue reading

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Moroccan Road to the Big-Kid Sandbox

By Perrin « I can’t ride in small cars. I get carsick. » Thus begun my conversation with the manager of Halali Tours in Marrakech, Morocco. Our group of fifteen was poised to embark on a twenty-hour round-trip drive through the Atlas … Continue reading

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