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Photo of the Day: Our Madrileño Garden of Versailles

The last time Jen and I traveled together we were seniors in college and 20 pounds heavier.  We went to Paris and Versailles and were awed by Louis XIV’s majestic gardens.   Last week when she came to Madrid I … Continue reading

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Searching for Holy Cookies

I am a cookie connoisseur and I search out the desserts in each of my destinations (France still holds the cookie crown, by a landslide). I was super psyched when I was doing research for my friend Jen’s visit and … Continue reading

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Granada Street Art and Caves

by Sarah A couple weeks ago, my friend Andy and I headed to the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains to explore the Moorish town of Granada. After our “welcome to the city” menu al dia lunch, in which we … Continue reading

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Lazy Beggers

by Sarah My title is so un-PC, I have to explain myself immediately.  Yesterday, Jen and I had just come from a nunnery, where we bought some cookies (story to come), and a beggar asked us for money.  We decided … Continue reading

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The J-Lo Flamenco Show

by Sarah On Tuesday UNESCO declared that Flamenco is a quintessential Spanish genre of music and dance an art form the world should treasure.  The announcement made the front page of all the papers yesterday, as Spaniards celebrated that their dance … Continue reading

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Jazz, Through a Romantic Madrian Haze

by Sarah I believe we all have a perfect country match — a place where we feel a deep connection to the people, culture and vibe. Spain is that place for me. I have been in Madrid for the past 3 … Continue reading

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Language Learning 101: Find a Suitor

by Sarah I arrived in Madrid three and a half weeks ago, determined to finally conquer Spanish.   When I stopped by The American Women’s Club (yes, I do stop by “The Club” regularly to gossip with my brethren) to inquire … Continue reading

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