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Back to the Future in Fez

By Perrin Let’s be honest. I was terrified about visiting Africa alone. As my plane lowered over the Fez runway, my heart tried to jackhammer itself out of my chest. I did not know what to expect but I certainly … Continue reading

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Language Learning 101: Find a Suitor

by Sarah I arrived in Madrid three and a half weeks ago, determined to finally conquer Spanish.   When I stopped by The American Women’s Club (yes, I do stop by “The Club” regularly to gossip with my brethren) to inquire … Continue reading

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Farm Day 7: The Romeos of Tobarra

On our first night in Tobarra our doorbell rang and when we opened la puerta a bald man, around 55-years-old, waltzed into our kitchen, grabbed the cheese grater we had been using and asked us when we wanted to come … Continue reading

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“Honeymoon” in Bruges

By Sarah There are some cities that I’d rather visit with a man than my sister.  Bruges is one of them. Picturesque canal rides, outdoor orchestra concerts and small romantic bars make the small town a perfect honeymoon destination. So, … Continue reading

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The Difference Between French and American Men

by Sarah I have hung out with two men this summer who thought I was entertaining enough to send me an email afterwards. One was American and one was French. Both emails were simple in content, but I laughed over … Continue reading

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Impressions: Italian Men

by Sarah 1. They are true Mammas Boys The first day I arrived in Roccafranca I was informed that my Italian dad’s 29-year-old brother Giovanni was in the market for a wife and I was a suitable match. Really, I … Continue reading

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