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Searching for Holy Cookies

I am a cookie connoisseur and I search out the desserts in each of my destinations (France still holds the cookie crown, by a landslide). I was super psyched when I was doing research for my friend Jen’s visit and … Continue reading

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Lazy Beggers

by Sarah My title is so un-PC, I have to explain myself immediately.  Yesterday, Jen and I had just come from a nunnery, where we bought some cookies (story to come), and a beggar asked us for money.  We decided … Continue reading

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Jazz, Through a Romantic Madrian Haze

by Sarah I believe we all have a perfect country match — a place where we feel a deep connection to the people, culture and vibe. Spain is that place for me. I have been in Madrid for the past 3 … Continue reading

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Language Learning 101: Find a Suitor

by Sarah I arrived in Madrid three and a half weeks ago, determined to finally conquer Spanish.   When I stopped by The American Women’s Club (yes, I do stop by “The Club” regularly to gossip with my brethren) to inquire … Continue reading

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Alternative Flamenco

Last night in Madrid I went to my first Flamenco show. It was described as “alternative” flamenco. Perhaps it’s best to see a traditional Flaminco show before an alternative one. Without the former experience I wasn’t entirely sure where the … Continue reading

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