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My Sweet Thirty

It’s New Years Day and people round the world are racking up unachievable resolutions.  After a year of traveling, I feel ready for a more settled year, but one that is still full of new experiences. In order to hold … Continue reading

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Top 30 Travel Moments

I returned to the US last week and people keep asking me if I’m experiencing culture shock and if I’m sad to be back.  Apparently my friends and family don’t think they’re entertaining.  After seven months on the road with … Continue reading

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Ships of the Desert: A Camel Caravan over Waves of Saharan Sands

By Sarah I last rode a camel exactly four years ago at the annual camel fair in Pushkar, India.  There, farmers and traders convened with approximately 20,000 camels — and a vast number of a horses, cows, goats, and sheep — … Continue reading

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The Video Game of the Morroccan Streets

  by Sarah Driving in the US is so straight edge.  I spent the last week of my travels in Marrakesh, where streets are overrun with motorbikes, donkeys, fruit carts and horse drawn carriages.  They are also notably absent of … Continue reading

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Photo of the Day: Our Madrileño Garden of Versailles

The last time Jen and I traveled together we were seniors in college and 20 pounds heavier.  We went to Paris and Versailles and were awed by Louis XIV’s majestic gardens.   Last week when she came to Madrid I … Continue reading

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Searching for Holy Cookies

I am a cookie connoisseur and I search out the desserts in each of my destinations (France still holds the cookie crown, by a landslide). I was super psyched when I was doing research for my friend Jen’s visit and … Continue reading

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Do Sisters Make You Happier?

By Sarah An essay in today’s New York Times reported the findings from a recent study that concluded, “Having a Sister Makes You Happier”.   The writer then went on to psychoanalyze if the findings were true — that talking … Continue reading

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Catalan Flamenco, Olé!

By Perrin This week, Sarah, our high-school friend Julie, and I experienced real flamenco for the first time. I say “real” because Sarah saw a sort of flamenco show in Madrid; however, it had consisted of balletic tapping by a … Continue reading

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6 Things I Learned From Wwoofing

By Sarah In the past six weeks I have lived on two farms and had the exact kind of once-in-a-lifetime experiences I wanted to have when I left the US.  Despite living in Manhattan for the past four years, I … Continue reading

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Biggest Loser Rehab

By Sarah There are only remnants of blubber left on my tummy!  After four months of traveling with scarce exercise, massive meals with endless beer and wine (it’s amazing how you can justify unruly eating and drinking abroad by claiming … Continue reading

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