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Fight and Flight: Four Planes to Thailand

By Perrin Think of the days of ship and wagon transport. Can you imagine Columbus floating in the Depressions, whining about a ten-hour layover?   I repeated this question to myself as if it were a relevant point. Anne and … Continue reading

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Ultimate Match-Up: Camels Versus Taxis

By Perrin Continued from Moroccan Road to the Big Kid Sandbox. By the time we reached the desert, a full moon lit the place like Johnny Depp’s smile a 20,000-watt nightlight.   Regrettably, the moon illuminated the camels’ faces. These … Continue reading

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Barcelona Pickpockets: The Pros go to Work

By Sarah When we were getting off the subway at the Sagrada Famalia a man in a business suit ran by my sister (seemingly in a rush to catch the approaching train) and clearly tried to grab her purse. We … Continue reading

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Biggest Loser Rehab

By Sarah There are only remnants of blubber left on my tummy!  After four months of traveling with scarce exercise, massive meals with endless beer and wine (it’s amazing how you can justify unruly eating and drinking abroad by claiming … Continue reading

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Photo of the Day: The Chicken and the Egg

By Sarah I still don’t know which came first, but I do know that every day around 10am one of the seven chickens on this “farm” lays an egg in Fran’s bed.  She seems to be drawn to the down … Continue reading

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