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The American Dream Is a Reality in Belize

By Perrin Colleen Spring hears a noise in the bushes and asks her husband Alan to add a log to the fire. Extra light never hurts when you’re warding off jaguars. Muscled four-legged ambassadors formed part of the welcoming committee … Continue reading

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Inca Trail Packing List: Tested and Refined

The 15-18 things you need to hike  By Perrin Each morning on the trail I cast a sidelong glance at yesterday’s SmartWool socks, which were festooned with a frieze of sweat and blood. I inched them on with the alacrity … Continue reading

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Wat, Did You Say? 5 Must-Do’s of Siem Reap

By Perrin 1. Wake with the paper boy. When sunrise hits the shadows of Angkor Wat, it’s curtain rise on opening night. An early start is your ticket to the light show, and also your first defense against an equatorial … Continue reading

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Iceland Day 1 | Winter Has Come

By Perrin Our snowblond Icelandic flight attendant welcomes us to her country with a Reykjavik Excursions brochure. The front features an acid-green sky punctuated by jagged volcanic boulders and obscurred by fog.  A forboding coat advertisement reads, “This is Dyrafjordur.  The sea temperature … Continue reading

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Iceland Day 3 | Blue Lagoon

By Perrin En route to the Blue Lagoon, a swimmable Icelandic lake, I hardened myself for a polar bear dip.  I envisioned daredevil bathers darting through arctic air, sporting bikinis and speedos in lieu of parkas.  A character-building frigid dip would follow, … Continue reading

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Iceland Day 2 | Rugged

By Perrin The Golden Circle beckons Dave and me out of hibernation.  This circuit of landmarks encompasses Geysir zone, a geyser minefield the size of an airport; Gullfoss waterfall, a two-tiered glacial cataract and natural wonder; and Þingvelli national park, … Continue reading

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Collections | Water Closets Worldwide

By Perrin Restrooms don’t feature in heated dinner conversation, generally. But after several months of navigating non-English speaking countries, we began to excite over any successful communications. Toilets – bless them – consistently transcend language barriers. 1. To signal that … Continue reading

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Tacky Architecture Award Goes to…Vientiane, Laos!

By Perrin I love a room with a view. Imagine my excitement at waking on sun-soaked sheets in the capital of Laos, waltzing to the hotel window humming Celine Dion and throwing the curtains open — to face two toothy … Continue reading

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Reborn as an East-Asian Biker Babe

By Perrin Anne and I fritter 3 languid days in the postage-stamp sized town of Luang Prabang, Laos. We sample the local brew, which is advertised as, “Any beer you want, as long as it’s Beer Lao!” We experiment with … Continue reading

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Dumbo, Up Close & Personal

By Perrin Elephants stomped into my life in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where vendors parade “Dumbo” and “Babar” around bars selling pricey food to feed their 11,000 pound pets.  The elephants slouch under heavy metal chains. Revelers bat their bitty elephant … Continue reading

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