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Guest Blog | Sisters Kircher on the Road

By Anne Kircher “The Sisters Kircher” doesn’t quite have the same ring as “The Sisters Bailey”, but my sister Erin and I are a lot like Sarah and Perrin: we talk so quickly to each other that only experienced listeners … Continue reading

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Ships of the Desert: A Camel Caravan over Waves of Saharan Sands

By Sarah I last rode a camel exactly four years ago at the annual camel fair in Pushkar, India.  There, farmers and traders convened with approximately 20,000 camels — and a vast number of a horses, cows, goats, and sheep — … Continue reading

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Bed Bugs and Other Travel Ailments

By Perrin Today, I woke up covered with little red bumps. I had assumed that if anything bit me on this trip, it would happen in southeast Asia. But it transpired in a family friend’s million-dollar+ apartment, while I was … Continue reading

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France Bonus: Free Pools!

by Sarah When the humidity is stifling in NY I always whine about the lack of pools in the city. Sure a few ritzy hotels allow access in exchange for purchasing a $14 cocktail and Central Park Harlem has a … Continue reading

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Yo Italy, Where My Dogs At?

By Perrin In Italy, everyone has at least one dog. Moreover, the streets are crawling with strays. (The Catholic aversion to birth control seems to apply to animals as well as people.) The dense puppy population certainly increased my love … Continue reading

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On Location: Florence

After six weeks of scouring Italy for nightlife unsuccessfully, you would think we would jump at the chance to find dance floors in Florence – a larger and therefore more promising city, compared to others we visited. However, we have given up on … Continue reading

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Recommended: Venice Canal Ride

Amongst sinuous canals, hair-skimmingly low bridges and floating garage doors, touristy Venice is restored to its roots. Our gondolier spoke only a few choice English words, including “water” and “Elvis.” (As a former crew coxswain, I identified with him despite … Continue reading

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